Thanks for visiting my About page! This page is both about me and about the site itself. Hopefully, you are interested in both, but don’t worry – I’ll be brief.

Who Am I?

My name is Syd and I’m just your average science and tech geek. I’m actually a psychologist by training, but technology has always been my passion from an early age.

I got into transhumanism after reading Raymond Kurzweil’s book The Age of Spiritual Machines, and I have always loved the Sci-Fi genre; especially Star Trek and other hard science fiction. I’m a PhD student who studies the impact of technologies on us as individuals and as a society. I spend a lot of time thinking about humanity and what our future will look like. Transhumanism gave me a lens through which to understand that future a little better, and hope in a world that sometimes seems to be in a downward spiral.

Why Did I Start This Site?

Because I find transhumanism such a lucid and hopeful school of thought, I’ve always wanted to help spread the word somehow. Setting up a site like this seemed like a step towards that. I also wanted to create a site where I could just geek out about the coolest tech and science stuff I read about every day.

This site has been a labor of love and I hope to keep updating and expanding it over the course of its lifetime. It’s a one-person operation at this point, so believe me when I say I really appreciate your support! I’ll be updating this site as often as I can, so be sure to bookmark it and come back every so often. The transhumanism wave is only picking up speed, so get in on the ground floor and be ready when the true revolution comes.